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Monbat sells 54% of Leventa back to Prisa Oil Holding (NEUTRAL)

Monbat announced that it will dispose of the majority ownership over its non-core business Leventa. The company had exercised a put option to sell 54% of its 100% stake back to Prista Oil Holding for BGN 2.9m. Furthermore, Monbat recalled BGN 2.0m of its BGN 26.2m deposit at Prista. At the end of Q1’19 the latter owed BGN 36m to Monbat. Note that Prista Oil Holding bought 100% of Leventa in February for BGN 2.9m and sold it to Monbat in March for BGN 5.4m. So, after the above transaction Prista Oil Holding would have 54% stake at BGN 0.5m cost while Monbat would have 46% stake at BGN 2.5m cost.

Source: Monbat; FFBH

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