Bulgaria‘s government lost the no-confidence vote

23.06.2022 Source: Seenews.com; FFBH

The Bulgarian government led by Kiril Petkov, which was formed just 6 months ago, lost the no-confidence vote. The no-confidence motion was supported by 123 MPs out of 239 voting, while 116 voted against it. It needed 121 votes in the 240-seat National Assembly to pass. The political turnoil in Bulgaria started two weeks ago as one of the partners in the 4-party coalition - There Is Such a People (TISP) pulled out its support. According to the Constitution, now the Bulgarian president is to ask the largest group in parliament - We Continue the Change, to form a cabinet within within seven days. If they fail, president Rumen Radev will task the second biggest party - GERB to form a government. If they also fail, the president will mandate a third political formation of his choice to try to put together a cabinet. Given the current distribution of seats in Parliament, forming a new coalition seems unlikely and snap elections are the likely outcome.