CEC confirms final election results and distributes MPs seats

09.04.2021 Source: CEC; FFBH

On Apr 8, a resolution of the Central Election Commission (CEC) confirmed election results. GERB-UDF officially won the vote with 25.8%, followed by There is Such a People with 17.40%, BSP with 14.79%, Movement for Rights and Freedoms with 10.36%, Democratic Bulgaria with 9.31% and Rise up! Thugs out! with 4.65%. Based on the results the winners GERB-UDF were assigned 75 MPs in the 240 MPs Parliament. The remaining 5 parties and coalitions in the next Parliament were assigned 51, 43, 30, 27 and 14 MPs, respectively on election results. First session of the new Parliament should be called by the President within one month of the Apr 4 election date.