Eleven Capital received BGN 1.3m dividend from Enhancv (POSITIVE)

21.06.2024 Source: Eleven Capital; FFBH

Eleven Capital (11C) revealed that it has received a dividend payment of BGN 1.3m from its portfolio company Enhancv, which operates under a SaaS business model and offers a web platform for creating modern professional resumes. The amount distributed is almost 2x higher compared to last year's payment; it is also higher than total dividend receipts for 2022 (BGN 1.1m) and corresponds to BGN 0.58 per 11C share. As of end-2023, Eleven Capital had a 16.39% stake in Enhancv with BGN 5.6m book value. Recall that 11C proposed to distribute BGN 0.60 DPS to shareholders for 2023, which is yet to be voted.