Fairplay Properties REIT to issue BGN 9m new common shares on warrants exercise (NEUTRAL)

22.11.2022 Source: Fairplay Properties REIT; FFBH

Fairplay Properties REIT announced the results of the capital increase of the company through an exercise of warrants. The procedure resulted in the exercise of 9 000 000 warrants, subscribing the same amount of new common share with strike price and nominal value of BGN 1.00. The new shares are yet to be entered into the Commercial Register and admitted for trading on BSE. Fairplay Properties REIT had 64 045 400 shares outstanding before the exercise. Please recall that FPP issued 98 090 800 warrants in early August with an issue value of BGN 0.001 per warrant. Every warrant gives the right to subscribe one ordinary share at BGN 1 per share. The last close price of Fairplay Properties was BGN 0.90.