HICP advanced further by 0.8% MoM in Dec'21

19.01.2022 Source: NSI; FFBH

Bulgaria’s Dec’21 harmonised consumer price index /HICP/ gained 0.8% MoM (+6.6% YoY). Prices of food and non-alcoholic drinks, which have the largest weight in the index, registered an increase of 1.3% on a monthly basis (+8.4% YoY). Prices of utilities grew 0.8% MoM (+10.4% YoY) and those of transportation by 1.1% MoM (+16.7% YoY). The price index for restaurants and hotels added 1.8 MoM (+6.3% YoY). The average annual HICP for the last 12 months stood at 2.8%.