Monbat’s Aug’21 pre-tax earnings jumped 115.5% YoY, despite almost flat sales (POSITIVE)

28.09.2021 Source: Monbat; FFBH

Monbat reported consolidated sales of BGN 27.3m (+0.4% YoY) in Aug’21. EBITDA for the month amounted to BGN 3.9m (+37.1% YoY), which led to 3.9 p.p. improvement in the respective margin, which stood at 14.3%. EBT soared to BGN 2.1m (+115.5% YoY), which corresponds to 8.2% margin (4.5 p.p. higher than Aug’20). 8-mo consolidated sales totalled BGN 229.3m (+20.7% YoY), while 8-mo EBITDA advanced to BGN 32.4m (+33% YoY). YtD consolidated pre-tax earnings reached BGN 16.6m, which is 102.9% higher than the corresponding period of 2020.