Ognyan Donev subscribes 65.1% of Sopharma’s warrants issue (NEUTRAL)

17.01.2022 Source: Sopharma; FFBH

Ognyan Donev, who is an Executive Director, Chairman of the BoD and largest beneficiary owner of Sopharma, has subscribed 29 247 880 warrants directly and through one of his companies. The number represents 65.10% of the issued warrants. Telso, which is related to the second largest beneficiary owner of Sopharma, subscribed 8 669 359 warrants or 19.30% of the issue. Recall that Sopharma issued 44 925 943 warrants out of the total offered 44 932 633. The warrants have a strike price of BGN 4.13 and will be exercisable within 3 years from the issue date (the entry date in the Central Depository; yet to be determined).