Svetlin Todorov sells 2% of Shelly Group at EUR 19/share (NEUTRAL)

28.09.2023 Source: Shelly Group; FFBH

On 26 of September, Svetlin Todorov, one of the two main shareholders and member of the Board of Directors of Shelly Group, sold 361 500 shares (2% of the capital) at EUR 19/share on the OTC market. The buyers of the stake are German institutional investors. The price of Shelly on Frankfurt Stock Exchange on that day varied between EUR 21.60 and EUR 22.20 while average price on BSE was BGN 43.91 (EUR 22.45). After the transaction, Svetlin Todorov owns 30.39% stake, while the other major shareholder, Dimitar Dimitrov, has 32.39% stake.