The Parliament adopted the revision of 2021 state budget

13.09.2021 Source: Parliament; FFBH

The Parliament adopted at second reading the revision of 2021 state budget. It envisages BGN 2.5bn more revenues to BGN 50.1bn and BGN 2.3bn more expenditures to BGN 54.8bn, including BGN 1.7bn additional funds for measures related to the COVID crisis. The changes in the state budget stipulate that the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy will be able to use an additional BGN 214.6m to support pensioners with low retirement income, while Ministry of Health will be able to use up to BGN 224m for the purchase of additional quantities of COVID-19 vaccines. BGN 100m of the expenditures increase goes to the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (MRDPW) for current repairs and maintenance of infrastructure projects, and Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications - to provide grants to air carriers. With the amendments to the Law on the State Budget of the Republic of Bulgaria for 2021, additional funds in the amount of BGN 440m are allocated for business and employment support programs. As a result, the revision envisages decrease of the consolidated budget deficit to 3.8% of GDP (BGN 4.7bn).