Unemployment rate falls to 8.3% in Jun’20

16.07.2020 Source: Employment agency; FFBH

Bulgaria’s unemployment rate dropped 0.7 p.p. MoM and added 3.1 p.p. YoY to 8.3% in June. Number of unemployed reached 273 367 in Jun’20 (-7.5% MoM; +61.1% YoY). Please recall that, after the State of Emergency has ended, hiring rate improved both in May and in June*, i.e. the hiring rate outpaced the newly registered unemployed. A total of 36 621 people started working in Jun’20, which was 84.0% YoY surge. Most of them were employed in hotels and restaurants (25.3%), manufacturing (14.8%) and retail etc. (13.8%). * Preliminary data from NSI