Subscription and redemption procedures


The investors can subscribe (purchase) units of FFBH Vostok in FFBH Asset Management’s office - 2 Enos Str., Sofia, 5th floor (see map), and in all branches of Fibank, entered in the register kept by FSC.

The units are not traded on BSE-Sofia.

Working hours

The subscription orders are accepted every business day between 9:00 and 16:00 EET in FFBH Asset Management office as well as all branches of First Investment Bank, included in the Financial Supervision Commission registry. The orders are executed on the next business day, but no later than five business days since the order submission. The order is executed at unit price, calculated for the next business day. Orders accepted after 16:00 EET are executed at a unit price, calculated for the business day following the next business day. The order is executed for the whole paid amount divided by the subscription price per unit. The issued units are truncated and partial units are issued for the remaining amount, based on Central Depository rules.

Entry and exit fees:


Entry fee




Exit fee



Other fees and commissions

Fees, paid by FIB Garant (indirect costs for the investor)

Other expenses charged to the fund are:

  • Incorporation costs, including fees charged by supervising and other state institutions;
  • All printing fees, related to the distribution of information about the fund;
  • Expenses related to publications and announcements in media;
  • Brokerage commissions to in investment intermediaries, which execute transactions with fund portfolio;
  • Audit fee charged for the annual audit of the fund;
  • Custodian fee;
  • State fees and commissions and other supervisory fees;
  • Fees, collected by regulated capital markets, charged to the fund;
  • Fees collected by Central Depository and other depository institutions;
  • Advertising and marketing fees

The fund also pays management fee to the Asset Management Company which is 1,00% annually from the average net asset value, paid monthly in arrears.

Fees paid by the investor

Investors pay additional fees and commissions for services provided by the Asset Management Company, such as depository certificates about owned shares, additional information not required by law and others.


Minimum amounts

The minimum subscription amount for every single transaction is BGN 50.

The minimum redemption amount for every single transaction is BGN 50. If the value of units held by an investor is less than BGN 50, he must redeem all units. If the value of the remaining units of any investor, following the most recent redemption, is less than BGN 50, the redemption order should be submitted for all investor’s units in this fund.

Escrow account:

IBAN: BG43 FINV 9150 1010 GARA NT