First Financial Brokerage House (FFBH) is a leading non-banking financial institution on the Bulgarian capital market. Founded in 1991, FFBH offers the complete spectrum of investment banking services spanning corporate finance, privatisation advisory, mergers and acquisitions, financial consulting, brokerage services, research & analysis and asset management.

FFBH provides its services mainly to major international banks and corporations seeking investment in Bulgaria. FFBH is not only local contractor and partner to its clients but also an information source and provider for all major news and events in the economic and political life of the country.

We are the main contact point for the large majority of foreign and local institutional investors in the Bulgarian equity market. FFBH is providing access to the Bulgarian Stock Exchange by either its highly experienced sales trading desk or by order routing across the Bloomberg network.

Additionally, FFBH is offering a range of tools, specifically tailored for the retail investor. Both domestic and international markets are only a click away, via electronic trading solutions. As a major advantage, our customers are able to benefit from the broad range of Analysis & Research products with premium quality, provided by our team of dedicated analysts.

Clients of our research products are most of the largest foreign and local institutional investors looking for opportunities in Bulgaria. More than 100 investment banks, investment funds and other institutional investors use our Equity research and Economic review on a regular basis. FFBH’s Morning Bulletin and Weekly Bulletin reach more than 300 clients over different countries and continents.

Our major Research and Analysis Services include:

  • Semi-Annual Outlook of Bulgarian economy
  • Equity analysis and forecasts of the biggest and/or most liquid companies listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia
  • Macro and regional updates
  • Financial markets commentaries
  • A daily bulletins covering major economic and corporate news and an overview of the capital markets
  • A weekly report featuring capital market trends, listed companies’ data and macroeconomic indicators and news
  • A quarterly economic review with details on the Bulgaria’s economic performance, major sectors, commentaries and statistical indicators.