Our team is our main asset that adds value to your investments. We believe that the researches and analyses, performed by our portfolio managers and investment consultants, are the most effective ways to discover and utilize attractive investment opportunities. The investment decision are discussed and taken by an investment committee.


Nikolay Kostov - Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO

Nikolay Kostov has been CEO of FFBH Asset Management since March 2004. Nikolay is master in Accounting and Control from the University of National and World Economy (UNWE), Sofia. His previous experience includes brokerage positions in CIBANK AD, including head broker in the 2000-2004 period.
Veselin Radoychev

Veselin Radoychev - Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

Veselin Radoychev joined FFBH Asset Management in 2021. Veselin also holds the position of Director the research team of FFBH, personally responsible for the sectors of Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure, Energy, Telecommunication and Diversified Holdings. Prior to joining FFBH Asset Management and FFBH he worked as an analyst at EFG Securities and as a research assistant at Suffolk University. He holds an MBA in Finance from Suffolk University, Boston and a Bachelor degree in Accounting from UNWE, Sofia.

Desislava Chuhovska-Dimitrova – Head of Internal Control

Desislava Chuhovska has been head of internal control department in FFBH Asset Management since May 2006. Desislava is LL.M. graduate from Veliko Tarnovo University “St. Cyril and St. Methodius”. Since 2005 Desislava has been a legal advisor of First Financial Brokerage House.

Lubomir Yankov – Procurator and Head accountant

Lubomir Yankov has been head accountant of FFBH Asset Management since July 2007. Lubomir holds master’s degree in Accounting and Control from the University of National and World Economy, Sofia. Since Sep 2002 he has been investors’ relations officer in IC Nadejda and deputy-chairman of Bulgarian Investor Relations Society.

Stepan Semkov- Portfolio Manager

Stepan Semkov joined FFBH Asset Management team as a Portfolio Manager in 2022. He holds a master’s degree in Corporate Finance from University of Economics – Varna and is a licensed investment consultant from FSC. In 2023 he successfully passed the CFA Level II exam.
Александър Леков

Alexander Lekov- Member of Board of Directors and Portfolio Manager

Alexander Lekov joined the FFBH Asset Management's Board of Directors in 2022. Alexander’s spent +25 years as a Portfolio Manager, Trader and Analyst of securities, currently hold the position of Portfolio Manager at FFBH Asset Management. Previous experience include: CEO of Raiffeisen Asset Management, Director Investment Banking at MKB Unionbank, Board member at Capman Inc., CEO of Capman Consulting e t.c.. Alexander holds BA in Economics and Business from NBU, Sofia.