EC grants EUR 2.5m to Dronamics under Accelerator program (POSITIVE)

25.11.2022 Source: Dronamics; FFBH

Dronamics announced that it has received a EUR 2.5m grant from the European Commission under the European Innovation Council’s (EIC) Accelerator program. The EIC also committed to support the company’s upcoming Series A funding round. The grant will support the development and expansion of cargo drone fleet, as well as the construction of the first droneports and the start of operations in Europe. Since the IPO of Dronamics Capital (DRON), Dronamics continued the development of its Black Swan drone project and has so far established some strategic partnerships with logistic companies, a manufacturer of composite fibre components, developer of sustainable fuel-cell technology, as well as obtained Europe’s first operational license for cargo drones. With the EC grant, Dronamics seems to be another step closer to eventually take off its cargo drone in first voyage.