FEAS - Frontier Issue 1 Bulgaria

19.06.2015 Source: Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges

Bulgaria’s public finance is the catalyst for growth

One of the leading brokerages in Bulgaria portrays the country as a taxefficient and low-debt stable economy to invest in. Mr Georgi Konyov highlights the non-commensurate weak liquidity vis-à-vis strong potential of the markets.

Bulgarian equities are often overlooked by investors, because of the relatively small size of the market. However, attractive valuations in many stocks present opportunities that wait to be exploited. Country specific sectors like agriculture, tourism and industrials provide diversification benefits and strong growth prospects. Bulgaria has something to offer to any investor who is looking to benefit from an economy built on strong fundamentals, without country specific currency risk, within a legal framework that closely matches a developed market. Research coverage by the leading local brokers is giving additional leverage to foreign investors.

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