Foreign Markets - Interactive Brokers

First Financial Brokerage House offers its individual investors clients easy access to international financial markets in partnership with the leading global online broker Interactive Brokers.

With the electronic system of Interactive Brokers you receive:

  • Access to over 90 markets from one account
  • Low cost of trading; interest from 1.69% for USD margin loans
  • Optimization of transactions - SmartRouting technology; All orders are routed directly to the market, where you can achieve best execution
  • Advanced and intuitive trading system with rich functionality and ability to place orders with a wide range of criteria
  • Wide array of tools for technical analysis
  • Internet training center and 24 hour technical support
  • Risk Management - the system monitors in real-time the revalued balance of the portfolio and the balance in the margin account
  • Excellent reporting abilities - standardized or freely defined reports are generated real-time in a variety of formats: PDF, XML, HTML, TXT, XLS
  • Trading in stocks, bonds, options, futures, funds, forex on over 90 markets in 19 countries from a single account
  • A wide variety of order types, algorithms and tools specifically designed for the specific type of asset. You can choose between OptionTrader, ScaleTrader, SpreadTrader, FXTrader, BasketTrader and many other specialized modules
  • Trade from your office, from your home computer, at night, from your mobile phone, when you're away – any time you see a profitable opportunity

Multi-platform application allows you to choose between Windows and Mac, a Web-based version and all popular mobile platforms.

To access the electronic system:

  • Contact us for detailed information on how to open your account. Necessary documents: personal identity card or passport, a proof of address (not older than 6 months utility bill or bank statement) and a signed W8-BEN form (prepared and filled in by FFBH)
  • Visit our office to sign a contract and get access to the system
  • Install the trading platform to make your first trade.

The trading commissions of Interactive Brokers can be found here.