REPO Trades

You need short-term financing and you own shares traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange?
Check out repo transaction opportunities available for securities from your portfolio here.

Main advantages of repos:

• Receive a loan against a pledge of securities traded on the stock exchange, all within 24 hours timeframe;

• Repo transactions multiply your purchasing power and when prices are rising provide higher returns;

• Repo transactions provide you with funds for current needs, as a form of short-term financing.

FFBH repurchase agreement conditions:

• You must be an FFBH customer and own shares, which can be used as collateral against the funds received

• The term of repurchase agreements - from one week to three months with an option to renew under the same conditions

• Annual interest rates applicable to repo transactions range between 10% and 15%, depending on the type of collateral, the repo period, the client's profile and other conditions.

Please, contact us for detailed information, which stocks could be used as collateral and the applicable discount (reduction) to their market value that we use at the moment.