How to become a client

Becoming a FFBH customer is easy. FFBH backoffice would assist you on all details and paperwork that is required by the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission. As a foreign institutional customer you will need to provide:1. Copy of a court decision or a certified document indicating the entry of the entity in the Commercial Registry of the relevant country. The copy should be signed by the persons with representative power and have an apostil.
2. Act of incorporation or Articles of association, apostiled.
3. Certified signatures of the persons with representative power.
4. Copy of the personal documents (IDs) of the persons with representative power, signed and apostiled.
5. Evidence/Declaration of ultimate beneficial ownership.
6. If a proxy is available – explicit and certified Power of Attorney, copy of the personal documents of the proxy (ID), signed by him/her and declaration, signed by the proxy, stating that the latter does not trade with securities professionally.
7. Declaration for money origin.
8. Declaration/Letter for institutional investor/retail client.
9. Contact information, including telephone and bank account.All documents should be presented in FFBH office and the account is opened immediately. For all kind of related questions, please contact our backoffice at or +359 (2) 4606462.