Investment objectives, strategy and policy

FIB Classic is an open-ended balanced mutual fund, registered in Bulgaria. Taking into account global and regional macro trend, this product offers a combination of equity investment in up to 10-15 global public companies with a portfolio of government and corporate bonds with investment grade rating and other fixed-income securities.

The primary investment objective of FIB Classic is to achieve long-term growth of its unit price through the realization of capital gains, dividend, interest or other current income, bearing moderate level of risk. An additional objective of the Fund is to provide ongoing liquidity for its shareholders’ investments.

FFBH Asset Management manages actively the equity and bond portfolio of FIB Classic. The equity allocation is managed using a combination of top-down approach and event-driven stock selection. We base our selection process of attractive and undervalued stocks both on our in-house valuation models and contacts with leading local brokers, providing investment ideas and equity research. FIB Classic is usually aimed at the realization of capital gains from blue-chip companies mainly as well as current income from fixed-income or other securities.

General investment limits of FIB Classic applied:



% of assets held


equities, share rights and other securities, equivalent to equities, admitted to or traded in Bulgaria

Up to 60%


equities, share rights and other securities, equivalent to equities, admitted to or traded in EU state or third country, approved by FSC

Up to 60%


units of collective investment undertakings, authorized to pursue business according Council Directive 85/611/EEC and/or of other collective investment undertakings, provided that they invest no more than 10% of their assets in units of other collective investment undertakings.

Up to 60%


Bank deposits

Up to 50%


Mortgage bonds

Up to 60%


Corporate bonds

Up to 60%


Sovereign bonds

Up to 100%


Securities or money market instruments issued by or guaranteed by a Member State, third country, approved by FSC or international organization

Up to 100%


Recently issued securities, which are to seek admission for trading on a regulated market

Up to 90%

10 Derivatives, according to art. 38 para. 1.7 of CISOUCIA Up to 30%


Other securities, according to art. 38 para. 1 of CISOUCIA

Up to 30%


Other financial instruments, allowed by law, not mentioned above

Up to 10%