Key facts and strategy

  • National Investment Company Nadejda was founded in 1996 as Privatization Fund Nadezhda;
  • The company was later restructured into a closed-end investment company under the Public Offering of Securities Act (POSA). The company is public and is listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia (ticker: 6N1);
  • Since July 2014 after a change in its articles of associaciotn the company is classified as closed-end national investment company under the latest change in LACISOCIU
  • The objective of the company's investment activity is broadly defined to be to protect investors’ interest by building of a balanced portfolio, optimally matching high return with minimum risk;
  • The investment activities of NIC Nadejda are managed by FFBH Asset Management, under an open-ended (unlimited) contract;
  • NIC Nadejda has one-tier management system. The members of the Board of Directors are professionals with long-term experience in the financial sector;
  • NIC Nadejda is supervised by Bulgaria’s Financial Supervision Commission; it has a certificate № 61-ИД/03.07.1998 for closed-end national investment company;
  • The share capital of NIC Nadejda is BGN 3 935 119, divided into the same number of registered shares of BGN 1 par value.

NIC Nadejda can invest in all types of financial instruments allowed by the law and up to the regulatory-set limits.